Alternative Reality Music Library

We are excited to announce a new music library, available soon!

3500+ cues 100% owned master+pub. Written especially for reality TV, documentaries & drama. Extensive metadata in place that exceeds GMS standards.

Includes stings & many sub-mixes for 95% of tracks. High quality production values. Tried & tested writer with credits on: Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Real Housewives of NYC, Catfish, A&E’s Biography, Jersey Shore, Married to Jonas, Burger Wars, Ridiculousness, The Nature of Things etc.

You could immediately Brand the sound of many many new TV shows. The tracks will be available on MCPS blanket in the UK & easy one-stop licensing everywhere else.

We will make an announcement when it is ready, but please contact us for advance information, teaser playlists etc.