Rinse the Sync is from experienced Mastering Engineer Lawrence "Loz" Gill of Fat As Funk Mastering. After many years of hearing fresh musical gems come through his studio, he decided to get some of the best out into the realm of TV, Film, Games, Trailers and Advertising.

Rinse The Sync gets the hottest underground music before anyone else, and represents over 100 different artists from around the world for licensing opportunities in all media.

We have representatives in the UK and USA. We can license music quickly, tie up all the legal ends, produce custom score from our network of expert producers, hire world-class musicians, or provide overall music supervision for your entire project.

Our catalogue encompass virtually all genres and moods from Whimsical Avant-Folk through to Furious EDM. You can have a sneek peek at our Soundcloud.

We only represent the finest Independent labels who control 100% of both Master and Publishing rights for the easiest, quickest one-stop license for your project.

Get in touch today and prepare your ears for a luxurious musical experience, brought in on time and on budget.